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Baba Tree Pakurigo Basket - Tiny B/W

Boasting the intricate patterns, shapes and expert weaving techniques of Baba Tree's Ghanaian artisans, the Pakurigo basket features a wave-like silhouette that few weavers are able to master.

Crafted from flexible yet strong palms, the Pakurigo's wide diameter allows for easy storage in your home, from extra blankets near the sofa, to children's toys, or cold-weather accessories tucked conveniently near the entryway. Each basket features a singular design created by its weaver, ranging in colors and patterns from simple neutrals to bright, complex creations.

Material: Vetiver Grass
Tiny - Length 12 in x Width 12 in x Height 6.5 in approximately
Classic - Length 17 in x Width 17 in x Height 12 in approximately
Country of origin: Ghana

Color Options:
Tiny - Black&White, Multicolor
Classic - Black&White, Natural, Multicolor

Lead Time: 10-12 weeks