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Ladies + Gentlemen Studio

Lightscape Candle Light

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Lightscape Candle Light serves as a tabletop sculpture in bringing out the magical spirit from a single flame as a light source. The concept of the design is to focus on one of the most elemental of human-made illuminations: the flame. While primitive and familiar, the flame symbolizes a source of warmth, light, and hope throughout the history of humanity. The ephemeral existence of flame occupies a special place in the human psyche and culture. With that in mind, L&G studio set out to explore the essence and meaning of candlelight and how to create a design that celebrates the light source while engaging with its physical form, the viewers, and the surrounding space. Their process began with a reexamination of the humble flame's inherent qualities gaining a new appreciation for its warm visual temperature, dynamic movement, and dramatic castings of glow and shadow on its surroundings. Inspired by the principles of Moholy-Nagy's "Light Modulators" the studio conceived of an intersecting composition of perforated and polished metal shapes that house a simple candle. The assembly's surfaces reflect, refract, and obscure the subtly flickering candlelight to create a complex interplay of highlights and shadows which cast onto nearby architecture to create a rich, dynamic spatial experience. Produced as an editioned series of 150.

Dimensions: 4” x 4” x 7”

Materials: Aluminum, Brass