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Segment Highback Dining Chair

Simple, geometric planes combine in unexpected ways to create sculptural, yet functional forms within the Segment Series.

TRNK Collection upholstered seating combines our appreciation for elegant, yet practical design with the enduring qualities of American manufacturing.

"The process for designing the Segment Series was reductive. I asked, how can we simplify these forms to make dense materials like solid stone or chunky upholstery feel a bit lighter? That's how the small gaps between adjoining planes, which now define the collection, came about. I also considered how light interacts with the product, allowing the occasional ray to peer through the slivers of negative space," says TRNK Founder, Tariq Dixon.

The series features high-density foam seat cushions and a rock-solid CAD-engineered hardwood frame.

The entire TRNK Collection is available in a wide range of carefully-chosen upholstery options, including a number of 'Performance' fabrics treated with stain repellant finishes (Liquid rolls right off! It's actually quite incredible).

Each piece is made-to-order in the USA by expert craftsmen using the highest quality materials and techniques.

Length: 23 in
Width: 20.5 in
Height: 36 in
Seat Depth: 18 in
Seat Height: 19 in

Available in:
Maharam Fabrics
Linen Blends
Wool Blends
Mixed Media
Specialty Fabric