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Segment Side Table

Simple, geometric planes combine in unexpected ways to create sculptural, yet functional forms.

The TRNK Collection expands into new forms and materialities with the addition of the Segment Table Series.

“The process for designing the Segment Series was reductive. I asked, how can we simplify these forms to make a dense material like solid stone feel a bit lighter? That's how the small gaps between adjoining slabs, which now define the collection, came about. I also considered how light interacts with the product, allowing the occasional ray to peer through the slivers of negative space." - Tariq Dixon, Designer

For bringing this collection to life, we turned to Portugal - a country with a centuries-old history of stone artisanship. Each table is made-to-order using thick, solid slabs of honed, raw travertine combined with brushed metal rods for material contrast and unyielding structural support. (Please note, raw travertine has open pores, giving it an organic, textural surface.)

Made from the finest quality materials and construction, the Segment Tables will gracefully age as timeless heirlooms.

13.5" L x 13.5" D x 20" H
1.18" thick stone slabs

Raw Travertine
Brushed Brass