Hure Coffee Table
Hure Coffee Table
Hure Coffee Table
Vintage Industrial

Hure Coffee Table

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There’s something so cheerful about all things cute and well-made!
In the spirit of staying true to the roots of our heritage aesthetic, we are thrilled to introduce our Hure Coffee Table. People have been long drawn to our timeless Hure design, and the best part is that the collection continues to expand to meet the needs of our clients.
Our Hure Coffee Table is packed with a combination of classic and so much cuteness that still manages to be elegant, stylish, yet sturdy. So, whether you want a pop of color, or honoring the natural pureness in the material, there’s sure to be a perfect variation for you.

Weight around 200 lbs

Optional Recessed Casters Available

Standard Dimensions:
20"D x 40"W x 20"H
24"D x 48"W x 20"H
34"D x 84"W x 20"H

Black painted hardwood top shown on blue base Hure

Mahogany, walnut, cherry and worn oak also available

Please note that all wooden tops manufactured by Vintage Industrial include a 3" – 6" breadboard on both ends of the table to prevent warping of hardwoods.

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