M2 Table
M2 Table
M2 Table
M2 Table
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M2 Table

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The M2 Table was inspired by the M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun. John Browning started development on the M2 in 1917 after General Pershing asked for a larger caliber, more powerful machine gun than the Browning .30 caliber machine gun. John Browning completed the design of the M2 machine gun in 1921. Since its release the M2 has seen use in a variety of roles. Ma Deuce, the nickname from its designation, is the US armed forces workhorse. Ma Deuce’s power, strength and dependability are legendary.

Three years in the making, the M2 Table takes the qualities of the .50 caliber machine gun and Vintage Industrial’s aesthetic and combines them. The result is a versatile and timeless design that pays tribute to the power and majesty of Ma Deuce. The M2 Table’s presence makes a statement and can fill the role of desk or table in your home or at the office.

Four non-firing replica M2 receivers with barrel supports, designed and built in-house

Standard Top Sizes: 96" x 40", 84" x 36", 72" x 32"

Standard Height: 30" & 42"

Custom Sizing & Finish Available

Top Materials Available: Cherry, Worn Oak, Reclaimed Boxcar Oak or Maple, Mahogany, Walnut

Optional Adjustable Height Available (Requires adding or removing barrel screws onto the legs)

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