Collection: Gronn

Antigua, Guatemala

Grønn is a Norwegian word that means green, reflecting the brand's purpose as a benchmark for circular economy and environmental preservation.

Grønn collects, transforms and sells upcycled products made from glass bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills. They work with recycling organizations, informal waste pickers, restaurants and hotels to source raw materials. They also employ local women to create high value added products such as glasses, vases, drinkware and home decor.

Grønn's business pillars are based on circular economy, sustainability and shared inclusive prosperity. They believe that one person's trash is another person’s treasure, and they strive to make business decisions that benefit future generations.

The brand also prioritizes creating new job opportunities for women in their community and shares 10% of their net profit with the entire organization.

By doing so, Grønn has prevented more than 750,000 bottles from arriving in landfills, thus helping create a greener world while empowering women in their community.