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Keep It PNW Card Game

Keep It PNW Card Game

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Full of rain, radical politics, cultural diversity, & questionable streetwear, Keep it PNW is your guide to the upper left.

This card pack includes 300 prompt & answer cards based on Pacific Northwest experiences & culture. Each round, the designated judge reads a prompt card, & the remaining players choose the best answer card to fit the prompt. The winner of the round, as chosen by the judge, receives a point. Whoever reaches 10 points first wins.

May the best hippie win.
-description from designers

Card Examples:
Judge Card: I rescued my 4th dog from__________.
Player A) A convincing MLM scheme
Player B) A tattooed barista
Player C) A hippie in finance 

Age: 17+
Time: 30-90 mins
Players: 3-10

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