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Ungma Basket

Ungma Basket

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The UNGMA basket is made of naturally stained bamboo and cane by the Angami Tribe of Nagaland.

Celebrated for the fine detailing and varied intricate weaves, traditional basketry was once an intrinsic part of daily life in this region. However, the changing times have seen a rapid dwindling of this practice as many people have switched to less labour intensive and more readily available options.

The UNGMA basket is a multi-utility object that encourages the practice of traditional basketry. Bring it to a picnic, take it to the market, use decoratively with a bunch of dried flowers, or even as a fashionable magazine holder by the sofa.

Dimensions: Width 18 Inch x Depth 8 Inch x Height 12 Inch x Height with handles 18 Inch

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